Saturday, December 6, 2008


The Universe has an exceptional way of placing opportunities in our path. I believe everything happens for a reason, including the fact that you're reading this right now.

All of us have capability to realize our dreams come true. BELEIVE and AWARENESS are the keys to open the doors.

- To have anger is good if you aware the real reason. Look at the face an angry person. You will see a beautiful face with red chcks and blury eyes, if awares the reason of own anger.

- To live with emotions is good if you aware that they are make you passionate and willing.

- To be in love is good, it makes you valuable and unique. Then you can feel The power of Universe inside of you

- To have dreams is good. They will inspire you to live fulfill.

- To have hopes is good. They will show you the way to achive

- To have questions is good. They give you curiage to seek better and make you aware to find the right answers.

- To beleive is good. It is the only way to be a person.

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