Wednesday, December 2, 2009

be as you seem, or seem as you are...

what creates personal quality ?

1- honesty
2- bright mind
3- adaptation capacity
4- playful thoughts
5- power of creation
6- critisism
7- passions
8- dreams
9- courage
10- simplicity
11- determination ability
12- evaluation capability
13- IQ
14- EQ
15- appreciation
16- modesty
17- to be original
18- to be virtuous


life loves clevers. clevers create quality. quality signs difference. difference bounded to be unique. uniques are precious. precious has value. value gives selfconfidence. selfconfidence brings courage. courage gives hope to change life for everyone.

the question is, are you enough clever to create quality for life? or just like others the remaining 99% who only think they are clever?

kiev, 3 dec. midnight.

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