Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gento, Pinto ve Janette

I met these guys 1 year ago. When I was searching a place to live in Holland, just by chance i found Hoek van Holland on Google Earth together with Grand Hotel name.

Friendship at first sight.

Gento(Gentile) and Janette have adopted Pinto several years ago. He is Mastiff-Labrador mix. Very nice and working dog boy. His duty starts at 11:00am till 22:00 pm in Gentile Restaurant.

Here is...   Pintooooooow

and Janetteeeeeeee 

Not easy to find Gento's photos indeed. He is one of kind who does not like to be front of the cameras. Might be the first appearances on someone's picture. He is half Italian half Dutch. as well as Janette. Her mother also lives in Hoek and runs best Pizzeria since 19years in Hoek.

They are very nice and kind people. Helpful, hospital and handy.Not easy to find such kind of nice people in current world. 

Grand Hotel front. This small hotel is the 'Best Boutique Hotel' in Holland, for sure after 6 years Dutch hotel's experience

 View from my room 1 . Center of Hoek van Holland. With 8000 population; small and quite place near the Atlantic Ocean.

 View from my room 2 

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