Friday, May 1, 2009

Car attack on Dutch royal parade - 30 April 2009

A car driver has crashed into crowds watching a Dutch royal parade, killing five people, in an attempted attack on the royal family, officials say.

The car careered into a monument metres from an open-topped bus carrying Queen Beatrix and members of her family.

The royals, who were unharmed, watched in horror as the car ploughed into bystanders in Apeldoorn, about 90km (56 miles) east of Amsterdam.

The driver of a car that killed five people after crashing into crowds watching a Dutch royal parade on Thursday has died from his injuries.

Karst Tates, a 38-year-old Dutch national, was critically injured after his attempted attack on the Dutch royal family, and died in hospital overnight.

His car crashed into a monument after ploughing through bystanders who were marking Queen's Day in Apeldoorn.

The car narrowly missed a bus which was carrying Queen Beatrix and her family.

In a televised address on Thursday evening, the Queen said she had been shaken by the experience and sent her condolences to the victims.

"What started as a nice day ended in tragedy. We are all deeply shocked. We are speechless that such a terrible thing could have happened," she said.

Eleven people, including three children, remain injured in hospital.

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